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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My conversation with Greg Crouse of Ray Comfort & Kirk Camerons "way of the master" Calvinist sect

Below is a conversation that has been taking place on Facebook. Greg is a nice enough guy but his Christian message is skewed by what he perceives to be what Roman Catholics believe.

Also below are part I & II of my refuting his false accusations about Catholics.

Ha ha, I didn't recognize you! Hope to see you again Sat. I've been listening to some of James R. White 's debates. Brushing up for you ;-) 
Daniel --Well the Atheists kept calling you Greg "Allen". James White is a HUGE Anti-Catholic.....You should listen to Dr. Scott Hanh and Tim Staples and balance it out. Both are converts and were Anti-Catholic Preachers. I mean if you are seeking God's truth you should be fair about it shouldnt you?

Greg  --That's why I listen to I can hear the best that each side has to offer.

Daniel --As long as you do your research on what they say is true. You can get yourself in trouble just taking some's word for it.

Greg --Isn't that exactly what you must do regarding Marian dogma? Take someones word for it?

Daniel-- No not really. The bible supports her conception with original sin and now where on the bible does it discuss Mary being buried and no relics of hers exist. I mean if Enoch and Elijah can be taken up why Wouldn't God take Mary his mother? Also 1Tim 3:15 says the Church is the pillar & foundation of truth and only says scripture is "useful" but not the sole authority

Greg --And the Bible tells us about Enoch and Elijah, it is silent on Mary; therefore you have to take Rome's word for it.....


Daniel-- Hate to break the news to you Greg but they also compiled the very bible you quote

Greg  --Then why didn't they mention the assumption of Mary in it?

Daniel --Well Christians have sacred tradition (1Cor 11:20 - 2Tim 2:15), you mean to tell me if its not n the bible its not Christian? Where does the bible say that?

Greg --So, like I said, you take people's word for it.

Daniel --Sorry 2Thess 2:15......yeah, just like the bible says...most all of the New Testament was oral tradition until it was written down many years later

Daniel --So all followers took the apostles word for it. Even your pope martin luther believed Mary was assumed and without sin

Greg --All followers took the apostles word for what?

Daniel --The accounts of Jesus' life. Last I checked Jesus didn't right a book with pen and paper we had to accept the accounts of those who followed him and were inspired by the Holy Spirit. According to scripture (not the publishers assertion) where does it say who wrote the book of Mark? If you can't find the scripture then tell who's 'word' you take that Mark is the author?

Greg --There you go changing the subject again. We were talking about the assumption of Mary. When the apostles preached about Jesus, they were speaking to an audience who were alive during Jesus' ministry. They used scripture to prove that He was the Messiah, and their message was authenticated by apostolic signs. When they wrote the New Testament they didn"t mention anything about the assumption of Mary. So, in the case of the life of Jesus we have scripture; in the case of assumption have zip, zilch, nada until the 1500's. If you wan to believe it , be my guest, but all you have is Rome's word for it.

Daniel-- Not changing the subject in the least. I am showng you that it is by Catholic tradition that you even have a bible and that you know who authored Mark. So if I can accept the authority of the Catholic Church for the canon of the bible and it is them that state Mark authored Mark then it is not a stretch for me to accept other non-biblical Church doctrine as sacred tradition. And it was not in the 1500's because martin luther accepted it too. It has been all along. I believe it was "reaffirmed" in the 1850's or 1950's by Papal infallible statement.

Daniel --So you see you don't even know what time period you are attacking

I will post any additions to this as they arrive.




Joseph said...

I love this blog. I live on South OC new convert Easter 2011. I would like to contact you. Please contact me via my facebook blog "Born Evangelical, Born Again Catholic."

Thank You Daniel

Joseph said...

Awesome! I love this blog. I'm a new convert and I use to street witness as a Evangelical until I came across a Catholic like you.

This verse in the bible got me:
James 2:24 Ye see that by works a man is justified, "and not only by faith".

Could you please contact me via my facebook blog.Born Evangelical Born Again Catholic?

Thanks Daniel

Finding the Catholic Church said...

I love this video. Way to preach the truth! Do you know away to find out where this guy or others are going to be and when. I'd love to take him on sometime.