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Monday, December 12, 2011

***Say "HI" to the Homeless**** Campaign - First Day

Charity isnt always money, a simple Hello can go along way.

The homeless are often over looked or looked down on. So for the rest of December say Hi to the homeless in our society. They are people just like us and deserve some humanity.
"That which you do to the least of my brothers you also do to me"
------Jesus Christ

So say Hi to Jesus and pass this along!

12/12/2011--OK, so my first day in this campaign is interesting in my opinion. I havent actually had the opportunity to say "Hi" but in driving I observed something and pondered. 

I was in the left hand turn lane watching a homeless man on a bench near a bus stop while I was waiting to turn. He was isolated and talking to himself. Then another homeless man walked by him, talking to himself as well, and they exchanged a few words as he passed by on his way. As the second man passed by the people waiting for the bus (still talking to himself) not a single person looked up or spoke a word to him. Only after he passed they would stare at him. 

So I began to wonder, do the homeless talk to themselves simply because no one will talk to them? Humans are social creatures and need other human contact. So in the absence of verbal contact for an extended period of time do people talk to themselves to fill that void or are they mentally ill as some have stated?

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Anonymous said...

I minister to a lot of homeless, and yes, there are many with mental illness who talk to themselves, sadly the state does not step in to help them, so are outcasts among the outcasts themselves. Some though are demonically influenced as well, you can discern that upon their reaction to exposing them to prayer and the reading of scripture most of the time.