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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Atheists Onslaught in Orange County

Atheists have been posting billboards. This is their 5th. This one is currently visible driving south on Beach Blvd just past Hazard in Westminster, CA.

About 90% of the worlds population believes in God or a god, true atheists represent about 1% at best. Most in the western world.

So according to their logic 90% of the worlds population is under a mass delusion.

A question to Atheists (below):

You must first ask yourself if life has a purpose.

If the answer is "no", then scientifically and definitively Atheism is illogical.

pur·pose (pûrps)
1. The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal: "And ever those, who would enjoyment gain/Must find it in the purpose they pursue" (Sarah Josepha Hale).
2. A result or effect that is intended or desired; an intention. See Synonyms at intention.
3. Determination; resolution: He was a man of purpose.
4. The matter at hand; the point at issue.
tr.v. pur·posed, pur·pos·ing, pur·pos·es
To intend or resolve to perform or accomplish.
on purpose
Intentionally; deliberately.
il·log·i·cal (-lj-kl)
1. Contradicting or disregarding the principles of logic.
2. Without logic; senseless.
sense·less (snsls)
1. Lacking sense or meaning; meaningless.
2. Deficient in sense; foolish or stupid.
3. Insensate; unconscious.
.meaningless [ˈmiːnɪŋlɪs]
futile or empty of meaning
meaninglessly adv
meaninglessness n

If life has a purpose then reason is required

rea·son (rzn)
1. The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction. See Usage Notes at because, why.
2. A declaration made to explain or justify action, decision, or conviction: inquired about her reason for leaving.
3. An underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense for a premise or occurrence: There is reason to believe that the accused did not commit this crime.
4. The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought; intelligence.
5. Good judgment; sound sense.
6. A normal mental state; sanity: He has lost his reason.
7. Logic A premise, usually the minor premise, of an argument.

In conclusion, if life has NO purpose then the argument for Atheism is illogical and can not be rationalized.

If life has a purpose then you must conclude that purpose has reason and that reason comes from intelligence.

So which is it?


Max Marie, SFO said...

Very well said!

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says 10-14% of Chinese are atheists and 8% Buddhist (Buddhism doesn't require belief or rejection of a creator God). China has 18% of the world's population (2010). So China alone accounts for at least 3% of the world being Atheist.

XAndrewX said...

@Anonymous....Wikipedia is not a creditble source. Anyone can post what they want there until corrected.

A true Atheist is someone who has not beliefs in a God or gods.

Most professed Atheists are actually agnostic.

Anonymous said...

OK but they were referencing "O'Brien, Joanne, and Palmer, Martin. "The Atlas of Religion". University of California Press (Berkely, 1993) in Zuckerman, pg. 53" Which I think you agree is a creditable source. I would be interested in your creditable sources that said otherwise.